About Us!

You - Yourself

G K Reddy, after serving the Defence Ministry as an engineer, turned a successful Entrepreneur in garment exports,film making and the export of cobblestones to Europe and USA. He has left his mark of Honesty, Efficiency, Excellencency and created few records in whichever field of activity he chose. G K Entertainment, Vishram Apparels, G K Granites Pvt Ltd, G K Minerals Corporation bear testimony to his legacy.

Health and Fitness have been an abiding passion for G K Reddy. Though past 80, he maintains peak fitness by combination of Healthy eating and free hand exercises he has perfected by virtue of his experience and experiments in the last 10 years. He has been training his body by innovative ways which can be performed within the house. At the age of 80, apart from retaining youthful looks, he is able to do tasks that most people beyond 60 would find it difficult to do . In order to pass his ideas of “Fitness through Lifestyle”, he has founded G K Fitness.

G K Reddy

Our Goal

At GK Fitness our main goal is to make health and fitness Attainable, Affordable and easily Achievable by following simple methods at home. GK Fitness is not just another fitness company, It is the result of a lifetime of dedication to an healthy living.

  • We equip you with courage, confidence, a feeling of well-being and a strong belief in yourself.
  • Our sustaining motivation, accountability, support and guidance will direct your mind and body to achieve your goals in Health and Fitness.
  • We study you to actually understand your health and fitness goals to provide you with the best suggestions and options.
  • Our speciality lies in our “Stamina, Endurance and Strength Gain” programme where you will be tempted to check yourself in the mirror to see how well you have sculpted your body.
  • GK Fitness aims to provide mental, physical and emotional support to you for achieving your fitness goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a product that offers a high user-friendly interface and acts as a one-stop solution to fitness, queries on exercises, diet plans, home remedies and physiotherapy at all ages. We also want to create an ecosystem for the elderly to interact and share ideas on similar interests. We want to create an awareness about the need to improve your overall wellness by moving to a healthy lifestyle.