Health assessment for Weight loss and Fitness. The cure for the Indian problem.

Posted on 07 February 2020

Everyone either thinks or live in a imaginary world of considering them as being Healthy and Fit, Till they undergo a Health Assessment / When your Body shows any kind of symptom . In the fast moving world we forget the fact that “Health is the Real Wealth that an individual possess “

We Appreciate those who live by the above quote .

“Its Never too late” Here we give you an insight of what Health Assessment is all about.

Health Assessment :

It is a process that involves systematic collection and health analysis of an individual that helps to recognize their health status to set an appropriate goal to achieve . The main purpose of an individual health assessment taken in order to:

  • Balance healthy body weight
  • Boost stamina and endurance,
  • To have sleeping patterns and better metabolism
  • To improve immunity
  • To improve clinical conditions

Health assessment consists of the following steps:

  • Anthropometry measurements
  • Biochemistry test
  • Clinical history

Health assessment are done by Dietitians and Nutritionist .They are experts in Human Nutrition and body weight management.

Initially the Nutritionist assess an individual anthropomorphically i.e AN INDIVIDUAL’S BODY MEASUREMENTS ARE TAKEN .It includes height , weight , body fat , skin fold measurements , arm circumferences , BMI , BMR.

Biochemistry tests:

In this individual laboratory screening of blood and urine sample has taken to know about their body parameters that gives information about their signs of infection , nutritional deficiencies and functioning of different organs.

Clinical tests:

The individuals clinical conditions that is prevalence of any diseases , bowel functioning , physical disabilities are checked.

These tests are assessed by the dietitians , analysed and based on the individuals needs diet plans are being prepared.Different diet plans are given on the basis of dietary recommendations of each individuals.

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